What if... Slenderman used to have a daughter, everyday they would play a game. This game didn't have a name, but they played it anyway. Slenderman would set out eight pages for his daughter to find, and she would have to find, and get them all before he got her. One day while they were playing the game, Slenderman was setting out the pages and it was a little quiet around him. He was worried and went to find his daughter to see that she was gone. No clues, no wishes, no goodbyes... Just... Alone. There was a note at his feet, he picked it up and read it. "Keep playing the game, I want to see if someone can actually beat you at it. I love

Slenderman s tears by kimi thunder-d5dkvra

you, and I will come back once someone gets all of the pages. Goodbye Daddy, I love you." To this day whenever someone enters the forest, Slenderman plays the game with them, to see if he can get his daughter back. He isn't playing to kill you... He's just trying to get back what he has lost.

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